Every Antique We Own Is A Unique Snapshot In Time

May 14, 2019

antique chairs

Lovatt Antiques. My father Ivor started dealing in the late 1960’s, buying and selling interesting and unusual antiques and collectables. I grew up in a house full of “old things”. As far back as I can remember, from my early years watching Arthur Negus on Going for a Song and the Antiques Roadshow (with the obligatory valuation competitions with family and friends) I have been surrounded by and interested in antiques.

I’ve appreciated the design, style and quality of many of the pieces I’ve been fortunate to buy. Every antique carries a unique history, which if we take the time can tell us about its designer and the period it was made. If we’re fortunate we may even uncover some history about owners whose lives it has passed through on its journey through the generations.